The Nysakapas Studio is located in the house of our Founder, Haniza binti Hisham or Nysa in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu. The idea of having a batik production at home came natural because Home is where the heart is. It all started when Nysa began dyeing in the bathroom with her children and the kitchen stove was used to heat hot wax. A single wooden frame was built and filled her kitchen area. This was how Nysa explored batikmaking her own way while getting house chores done till night time in the early days. 


As her love for batiks grew, her passion was recognized by a small number of followers on Instagram. At first, she made each batik herself till the product was completed and soon discovered that her tasks were getting out of hand. She quickly moved outdoors below the roof of the house in the front porch. Moving outdoors was the best decision because Nysa could now make batiks with the help of her close neighbours. She also strongly felt that the presence of nature played an important role in batikmaking because it relates to one another in a very spiritual way.

Now, the Nysakapas Studio has expanded and our Batik Artisans are able to produce Batik Terap in a peaceful environment. The Studio is divided into many sections for handblocking, handpainting, colour fixing, boiling, storage and drying. This has enabled Nysakapas to grow and create more posssibilities for the future of Batik Terap.

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