Meet  Haniza binti Hisham or well known now as Nysa, our Founder of Nysakapas. Her love for batiks was an unexpected journey as she "hijrah"  from her city life in Kuala Lumpur  to Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu where she lives in a 100 year old wooden house with her husband, Abdul Majid, her 2 boys; Muhammad Bilal and Muhammad Khalil and mother in law, Chik Nik. It all began when she met her husband under a Duku Tree which still stands today in their home and life was never the same as she found a sweeter life in a little kampung beside the Terengganu River. Moving on and embracing how local Kampung Terengganu live, she appreciated her natural surroundings and loved every moment of becoming the Modern, Traditional Housewife.

On her usual hang out with her good friend, who knew how to sew, her friend showed her a simple tunic which was surprisingly made from a piece of batik. The idea of having a wearable, handmade art was captivating and led Nysa to explore the world of batiks which she never knew. 

With the little knowledge that she had in her, she imported Batik Garut from Indonesia which came in pastels colours and beautiful handblocked pieces. Nysa created Nysakapas which she was inspired by clouds, cottons and beach living and started selling on Instagram as Nysakapas. There was an incredible crowd of local Malaysians demanding for more batiks and Nysakapas  started blooming day by day in the year 2016.

At the end of 2016, when raining season arrived, Nysa had trouble getting her stocks from Indonesia and her followers grew impatient- they could not wait any longer. So, Nysa quickly came out with an idea of making her very own batiks not thinking of the consequences that she may or might not face. A naive batikmaker she was, she made batiks from her bare hands in her kitchen and bathroom. What seemed impossible was starting to irritate her and all the knowledge that she gathered from local batikmakers was not enough. Nysa had to learn it the hard way, so she began experimenting and seeked more advice from local batikamakers.

In April 2017 , marks an important event for Nysakapas, as the very first Brass Block called Isobel was created to diversify Nysa's  creativity in handblocked batiks . Nysa improved her technique in  handblocking, hand dyeing and make her very  own batiks with the help of the people of Kampung Serada. The Nysakapas Batik Studio expanded within a year and gained many recognition which was beyond Nysa's expectation and she felt very responsible to revive and protect the art from dying.

" I wanted Nysakapas to become  a locally made brand that was created

by the people of Kampung Serada.

I hope that one day, this place would turn into a batik sanctuary,

a place for batiklovers." - Nysa